About Brittany:

Born and raised in MN and now residing in the south metro of the Twin cities. I love my home state of MN! I genuinely appreciate all four seasons equally, and love everything except for the mosquitoes and overly humid days.

I am a wife to Benjamin (married since 2013) and super Mama to my rainbow baby and daughter, Willa Joy! 

I love Jesus, food, music, my fur babies (2 cats and a dog), and time spent with friends and family.

Oh, and I LOVE being a Doula!

Why I became a Doula

I have always been interested in all things birth and babies but didn’t realize this was a calling for me until I had a baby of my own.

Willa’s birth was everything I could have hoped for and more. We hired a doula and was amazed at the real tangible impact a doula has during a birth. I left the experience feeling empowered and even more in love with birth than before. 

When I would share my birth story with others, I discovered that most people weren’t having bliss filled, magical childbirth experiences similar to my own. Rather they expressed the complete opposite.

My heart grew weary of hearing the horrific and traumatic birth stories of these women. Most of them would later discover that something could have been done to prevent a lot of the trauma they incurred during birth, or perhaps multiple interventions could have been avoided if they had the appropriate tools and support when it mattered most.

So, I decided it was time I did something about it. I became a Doula!

I do this work to prevent birth trauma, PTSD, and help my clients have better birth outcomes; because women and people deserve better than just surviving the childbirth experience. I truly believe it's possible to have both- a healthy baby AND an amazing childbirth experience.

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My Doula Training Journey

Initial Training:

- DONA International Doula training course September 2018

- DONA Int. lactation support/breastfeeding September 2018 

- DONA Int. childbirth education course September 2018


Continuing Education:

- Spinning Babies training workshop June 2019.

- Perinatal Mental Health training (PPSM) February 2020

- Graduate of the Know Your Rights: Legal and Human Rights in Childbirth for Birth Professionals and Advocates (Birth Monopoly) February 2020 *First graduate in the state of MN

- The Advanced Doula Workshop (Traci Weafer) March 2020


Additional Learning:

- Hypnobirthing childbirth education course (Flutterby Birth) October 2017 

My Dream Client

I love to work with people who are really motivated and proactive about doing whatever they can to prepare for birth and set themselves up for success.

The ones who don’t want this experience to just happen to them, and who want to maintain autonomy and control over whatever they can control.

Yes, birth is unpredictable, but when they have the best care provider and support team for them (for their needs), and when they're given autonomy, respect, and choices/options, regardless of how they choose to birth or whatever birth outcome they end up with, they can walk away from the experience feeling empowered and amazing.  -and THAT is the greatest reward as a doula. 

Those are my dream clients.

I also LOVE supporting plus size women, VBAC clients, and POC. Mainly because these are people who are most often told they can't do something or feel limited by the maternal healthcare system. They deserve to have an advocate and bad ass doula in their corner, and I'm that gal!

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