For those who wont allow birth to just happen to them

Hi! I'm Brittany,

and I'm here to guide you through labor and birth; but beyond that--

I'm here to help you prepare for a positive, empowering, and redemptive birth experience! 


Knowledge is power.

Determination is key.

Having the right kind of support is EVERYTHING!


My goal is to see birth trauma end.

To help women understand that they deserve better than just surviving the childbirth experience, but to see them THRIVE!

For women to be respected, listened to, and their choices honored.

For them to feel overwhelmingly safe, surrounded, loved, and supported from beginning to end.

This is ME in my element!

It's what I LOVE.

It's what I was put on this earth to do.

Supporting women and their families. 

Championing for their hopes, dreams, and desires.

Leading, guiding, inspiring, and serving people throughout their pregnancy, labor & birth, and preparing them for a restful and restorative postpartum.

Removing fear and restoring peace by giving them a voice in their birth.

You are Safe. 

You are Surrounded.

You are Supported.

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Jennifer M.

She was an angel sent from God for us. There was absolutely no way we could have gotten through it without her.

The prenatal visits were great! She was very informative, asked a lot of questions and got on board with our birth plan.

She was a rock and a gentle soul! She helped me remember how powerful I am and that surrendering is not weakness.

Melinda W.

This was such a redemptive birth experience  for us. My 3rd baby, but my first birth with a doula. 

Brittany helped navigate conversations with our midwife and advocated for more time to labor. I was able to avoid the interventions I didn't want and labor progressed naturally. I also felt closer to my husband this time around.

Ariana S.

Brittany was consistent with encouragement, coached me through different positions, and gave me helpful visuals to focus on. Her voice was very calming and grounding for me during contractions.

She used Spinning Babies techniques to get our baby into an optimal position. Labor was shortened and I was able to birth my son within 30  minutes.

Brittany is a powerhouse Doula. I recommend her to everyone. She has a wealth of knowledge, a unique and personal touch. I wish I would have had her for our first birth! HIRE HER! 

Mounika V.

 ...My husband was also very grateful for her. It took some of the pressure off of him. All he had to worry about was staying by my side and supporting me however I needed it. I had a beautiful water birth with family and Brittany beside me.

After the birth, Brittany came to our home to check on me with some yummy food...

My mental health and happiness were her priority, and it felt so nice to have someone looking out for me in that way when I was consumed with thinking of only my new baby. 

Having Brittany as my doula is the best decision we made during my pregnancy.

Katie C.

I'm so thankful we decided to hire Brittany as our doula. I had a successful VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans).

She was full of wisdom in preparing for Amelia’s arrival and there is no way I would have achieved my birth plan without her! She was sensitive to my desires and stood in prayer with me through it all!

My husband agreed, she was worth every penny.

Danielle D.

The moment she walked into my room at the hospital I was relieved and felt like I was in caring, loving, and guiding hands.
She helped me through horrible back labor and even helped get baby into a better position for delivery. She helped me through 2 epidurals and then 90 minutes of intense pushing. She is the reason my birth was an incredible experience. If I hadn't had her  I know my birth would of been a not so good experience!

Brittany is truly the best! She is a necessity for birth and will definitely be a part of all my future births!