Birth Doula

This is the most supportive, all encompassing doula package. Hiring me as your birth doula gives you and your family priority when it comes to my availability, time, and physical presence.

This package is ideal for first time parents, survivors of sex abuse/assault, or for those who are wanting a redemptive birth experience. -or really anyone else who would benefit from having an advocate in the room during birth.

Package includes-

  • Free in person client consultation/interview.

  • 2 prenatal visits (including a home visit) each lasting 1-2 hours.

  • Available for emotional support via call/text throughout pregnancy -any day, anytime.

  • Assistance with creating a sound birth plan and postpartum lying in plan.

  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support throughout labor and birth.

  • 2+ hours immediate postpartum care and basic breastfeeding support. 

  • 1 postpartum home visit with a nourishing home cooked meal.

  • Detailed birth notes for you to keep.

  • Photos and Video of your birth captured for you.

  • 6-week availability for emotional and informational support postpartum, and access to my favorite local resources.


Birth Doula Fee: $1250

*Current rate is subject to change and not guaranteed until service agreement contract has been signed, and hire is confirmed.

Virtual Birth Doula 

Thanks to technology you can still have access to a powerful source of wisdom and guidance with me as your doula, but eliminate physical attendance for your birth and prenatal visits.


Package Includes-

  • Free virtual interview/consultation

  • 2 virtual Prenatal visits 

  • Available via call/text for emotional support during pregnancy during daytime hours.

  • Assistance with creating a sound birth plan and postpartum lying in plan.

  • On call availability during labor and birth to call, text, and video chat to provide emotional & informational support, and offer suggestions for physical support/comfort measures.

  • 1 follow up postpartum virtual visit (within 2 weeks of birth) to offer emotional support as you process and decompress.

  • 6 week availability postpartum for emotional support and access to local resources.

There are ways to customize this package if you'd like to add additional visits (prenatally or other) and/or would like to have me physically present during a visit or join you in labor. Please contact me to discuss your options and my rates.


Virtual Doula Fee: $700


 Information Consulting

For those who aren’t needing my services as a doula but would like the option of meeting with me (in person or virtually), one on one to discuss anything related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or doula/business related questions- I'm your gal!


You’ll get the opportunity to pick my brain and absorb as much wisdom and knowledge as you’d like. This investment can pay off in a big way for both expectant mothers or prospective doulas alike. 


Discussion topic examples:

  • Help you find classes/instructors for birth prep or doula training.

  • Offer insight into different hospital and care provider reputations 

  • Inform you of your rights as a patient.

  • How to advocate for yourself and navigate difficult conversations with care providers.

  • Effective comfort measures/breathing techniques

  • How to avoid tearing during the second stage of labor. 

  • Reducing your risk of birth trauma and mitigating perinatal mental health issues

  • Birth/postpartum planning tips and suggestions.

  • Insight into how to get started as a Doula and run a business.


...and so much more!


Information consultation fee: $45/hr

*Meetings are a minimum of 1 hour and rounded up to the nearest half hour (+$25) for billing.

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